total world culinary domination

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Blythe is on a quest for Total World Culinary Domination. TWCD is her mission in life. She credits her mother with teaching her early on about the importance of having laser focus. Blythe considers it the greatest gift in the world. She says, “If you can see it, envision it, and you can make it happen. The best part of this gift that we all possess is that you can make your dreams come true. My inspiration for TWCD was I knew there were specific things I wanted to accomplish. BIG things, so I started making a list! That’s what keeps me focused, on point, and accountable to myself.”

Blythe feels that everyone is worth their dreams coming true. And for her, she says she won’t rest until they have. “I admit my list is large and quite dreamy and I have accomplished quite a few of the things on it, but I still have a lot more to do. I will not stop until I achieve my dreams!”

Blythe says she’s blessed to have an amazing family who supports her, roots her on and loves her through everything. She adds, “I am a huge fan of God and I cherish my relationship with Him. I have to tell when I created this list years ago it was very ‘me- centered,’ but now I am on a new mission and this is the mission I care the most about.”

Blythe is about to embark on what she considers her most important mission to date. “I am on a mission for YOU!!! My next mission is something that has been a dream of mine for a long time, and if it weren’t for the encouragement and faith that my friends and family have in me, I am not sure I would have had the courage to got for it, but I am all in and going for it. I want to meet YOU! I want to come to YOUR homes! I want to know YOUR stories! And most importantly I want to taste YOUR food! I want you to tell me the story of you and you family through food. I want to come to you, meet you, cook with you and eat with you! There is so much history, stories, pride, and knowledge of food and cultures in this fabulous country and I want to discover it! I want to know it all! I want to eat your stories! I am coming America … I hope you are ready to show me your America!”