keep it naughty philosophy


Blythe’s Naughty Philosophy is one of pink, positivity and love. In Blythe’s own words, “I believe in passion, following your dreams, and that you are wonderful just the way you are. I believe that if you take on every aspect of your life with passion and integrity than you can leave a positive mark on the world. It is not about you, it is about what you can do for someone else. It isn’t about what you have but what you can give back to the world. It isn’t about what you look like, but how you leave the world more beautiful. It isn’t about what you know, but how you share with the rest of the world. I think Naughty is about showing up everyday in the world just the way you are.  I think everyday that you move through the world it is our privilege and gift to love on each other, leave things better than we found them and always find the pink, positive lining in every situation. Just remember you are just the way that you are meant to be so embrace your fabulousness! Your dreams are worth coming true, so go for it! And always leave things better then you found them…it’s the only way to really leave your mark!”